Naming It - Episode 13 - Racial Trauma Won’t Be Post Traumatic Until it Stops…

October 3, 2016

In Episode "Teenth" of Naming It, LaMisha & Bedford welcome Dr. Candice Nicole, a Psychologist and Assistant Professor in Counseling Psychology at University of Kentucky, whose research and clinical interests include Black sexuality and cross cultural education. We talk shop on just about “errythang” including Bedford's love of anime, advice from LaMisha's mom, and the problem of non-trained individuals providing pop-psychology based advice. Our #RealTalk segment explores the impact of continued police violence and racial trauma. The #SelfCare Tip of the Week is "the Power of Mediation," featuring a guided meditation written and performed by Dr. Candice Nicole. Join our community of "#Namers" by leaving a review on iTunes & Podbean. Also add your voice the conversation around police violence through #OneStopAway. 

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